Privacy Policy

Our Company privacy policies are very clear all these policies are about to tell you our practices regarding the concern of information given by you via Please make sure you have read it before submitting the information on our website. Any avoidance of privacy policies will constitute your approval and not be acceptable.


Any of the information given on any webpage of our website is strictly protected by the copyright along with other cognitive laws, so it is not allowed to anyone to modify, remove, replace, publish, repost or like these other activities.

Acceptance of Approval

Before allowing any approval on our site make sure you have read the privacy policies carefully if in case anyone posts any information through our website it will constitute intellectual laws.

Can we modify our privacy policy?

We have reserved all the rights to modify our privacy policies so please be sure to check first and stay updated with the information’s on the website, if something changed.

While submitting any information to make a payment then first read and understands our privacy policy carefully. Still, you are in any doubt, feel free to call us.