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W3 career introducing a legal agreement that assures 100% privacy policies, as a Customer of w3career.com you need to be aware if you are signing up on our website to make an account you are abiding and agreed with our terms and conditions of Website Designing & Website development services. This Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Guarantee to cease infringement of "Confidential Information" of those users who are connected with us or who are our clients, the information which our clients have been provided to us is 100% secure we guarantee so the use of any information available on our website is unbiased and protected if anyone tries to misuse from other clients or resources.

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We have reserved all the legal rights to modify our ‘Terms & Conditions’, the Domain name (URL) or any other changes in our website while servicing officially without serving any prior notice, another intimation is not required we are free to change terms and conditions, our product pricing and warranties, etc.

No one can post or change any content on our website that is unlawful, harmful, pornographic, harassing, obscene, defamatory, injurious that will consider as a criminal offense from your end. If you decline any term and condition, agreement, privacy policies, and notices, then the rights granted to you will end with self-termination, immediate termination for any of using material accessible by you will be terminated without giving any prior acknowledgment.